vRA Container Management: Understanding Placements

kennenlernen grundschule With the release of vRealize Automation 7.2 we were introduced to the new Container Management Feature. In this post I will explain how Placements work.

kostenlose dating software Placements are used to determine where to deploy containers. They are configured and managed within the Containers Tab of vRealize Automation.

revolution dating jupiter vRA Container Management

how to honor god in a dating relationship I’ve created the diagram below to illustrate the relationships between a Placement, Placement Zone, Placement Policy, Business Groups and Containers.

vRA Container Management

A top article Placement is used to assign Containers to a Placement Zone. The Placement is assigned a priority to determine which placement takes precedence over other placements. It also defines the maximum number of container instances that can be deployed along with a Memory limit and CPU Shares.

A site de rencontre gratuit pour rondes Placement Zone is a collection of container hosts ready for deploying containers to.

deviantart dating games Business Groups are assigned to a Placement which defines which Placement Zone to deploy their containers to. This is dependant on Placement constraints such as Instances, Memory Limit and CPU Shares not being exceeded.

A http://josiart.at/rete/656 Deployment Policy can also be specified on the placement, the deployment policy is used to link a Blueprint to a placement. This allows for a blueprint to be tied to a specific Placement Zone.