vRA Container Management: Understanding Placements

http://beerbourbonbacon.com/?niokis=aura-dating-academy-forum&82b=b7 With the release of vRealize Automation 7.2 we were introduced to the new Container Management Feature. In this post I will explain how Placements work.

Visit Your URL Placements are used to determine where to deploy containers. They are configured and managed within the Containers Tab of vRealize Automation.

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http://feelgoodbiochem.com/?milforw=badoo-site-de-rencontre-27&6e5=e0 I’ve created the diagram below to illustrate the relationships between a Placement, Placement Zone, Placement Policy, Business Groups and Containers.

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recherche d'homme blanc A site de rencontre entièrement gratuits suisse Placement is used to assign Containers to a Placement Zone. The Placement is assigned a priority to determine which placement takes precedence over other placements. It also defines the maximum number of container instances that can be deployed along with a Memory limit and CPU Shares.

A vos rencontres internet Placement Zone is a collection of container hosts ready for deploying containers to.

rencontre 5 a 7 lyon Business Groups are assigned to a Placement which defines which Placement Zone to deploy their containers to. This is dependant on Placement constraints such as Instances, Memory Limit and CPU Shares not being exceeded.

A site de rencontre international pour ado Deployment Policy can also be specified on the placement, the deployment policy is used to link a Blueprint to a placement. This allows for a blueprint to be tied to a specific Placement Zone.

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