How to Run vRealize Production Test

vRealize Production Test is a great tool for checking the health of your Cloud Management Platform. The tool can run several health check tests against the vRealize Suite covering vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations and vRealize Business. I recommend running the tool on a periodic basis to ensure good health is maintained for your Cloud Management platform.

It’s worth mentioning here that you should run the tool against an existing vRealize Automation Platform prior to upgrading or migrating to a later version. This will highlight any problems which should be rectified prior to performing a migration or upgrade task.

Ensuring you have a healthy platform to start with greatly increases the chances of success. That’s just good practice for any software platform and not just a Cloud Management Platform.

Installing vRealize Production Test

The vRealize Production Test tool can be downloaded from here

It’s a relatively small Java application which should be run on a machine that is not part of the vRealize Suite platform. I copied the file to c:\vRPT for this blog post.

Creating the vRealize Production Test Configuration File

Before running the tests, a configuration file needs to be created. The configuration file is created by running;

java -jar vrealize--productiontest--1.7.0.jar config

vRealize Production Test

Click I Accept on the EULA screen


Select the product on the left side, in this case vRealize Automation and fill out the details on the right, then click Save. 

This will create an xml file storing the configuration details you have just entered along with a keystore file.

Running the vRealize Production Test Tool

To run the vRealize Production test tool against vRealize Automation run the following command;

java -jar vrealize--productiontest--1.7.0.jar run --oobList VRA

In my test environment, the tool took a few minutes to run.

vRealize Production Test

Viewing the Report

The vRealize Production test tool provides a full html report. To view the report open VRPTReport.html which was created in the previous step and located in the Report folder.

vRealize Production Test

Click through the report to observe any failures, clicking on links in the columns Remediation and Cause open further detail explaining why the test failed and information on how to remediate the issue.

vRealize Production Test

vRealize Production Test provides a detailed health analysis for the vRealize Suite; vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations and vRealize Business. It will identify problems in your environment providing guidance on how to fix them. The tool is a free to use product for VMware customers licensed for vRealize Suite.